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Walking With Maasai Food Relief

COVID-19 + Flooding = NO Cash, NO food We want to supply 400 of the most needy families in the Olorte area with food stock for a month and we need $20 000

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Our area of operation is mostly in Olorte location in Loita. The area has a total of 20 extended villages with an estimated 1400 households in total, consisting of an average of 5 people per household.

As with most organizations across the world- Covid-19 has also affected the operations of Walking with Maasai. We’ve closed our eco camp and any activities to do with people gathering for the time being. Currently we are primarily focusing our efforts on the construction of our Environmental Education Centre as well as mobilising food relief and raising awareness in the community concerning Covid-19.

We decided that it would take too much time to go to each village and count the most needy families- so we made an estimation that in every village there is at least 20 needy families.(There could be more) This gave us a total of 400 households that are in critical need of food support at this time.

We know that crops will only be ready in the next two to three months. So with all trading or markets suspended by the government due to Covid-19, there is no way for people to sell cows or goats and therefore it makes it very difficult for people to buy food. Cashflow is a huge problem in the community, so people don’t have extra cash in a bank or at home. They mostly depend on selling their livestock and living off that money directly. On top of that food prices has gone very high. Transport is also a problem as the price for public transport has doubled since only three passengers are allowed in a taxi.

 We tried to think of what a family or household might use in a month and we calculated prices accordingly. We decided to budget for each of the 400 households- 60kg of maize flour, 4kg of beans, 4 litres of cooking oil, 4 kg of porridge for children, 500g of salt. We also worked out fuel for the ambulance to transport the food to the various villages for distribution as well as a stock of emergency fuel in case fuel disappear in the country. (Our Ambulance will be one of two vehicles to be used to carry patients if Covid- 19 reach our area) We also calculated transport- hiring trucks to bring the food and contingency.


 All prices below are estimates at the moment.


1000 bales of maize flour @ KSH1272 per bale = KES 1,272 000 ($12, 700)
18 bags of 90kg beans@ KES9000 per bag = KES 162,000 ($1600)
Uji mix (porridge flour for children)- 80 bales @ KES 1000= KES 80,000 ($800)
Cooking oil- 80 containers of 20 litres each@ KES 2250 = KES 180,000 ($1800)
Salt- 400 packets of 500g = KES 8000 ($80)
Transport- 3 lorries @ KES 40,000 each = KES 120,000 ($1200)
Fuel stock for ambulance- 400 litres @ KES 120 per litre = KES 48,000 ($480)
Contingency = KES 50,000 ($500)


 Total comes to KES 1,920 000

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We appreciate any assistance towards this relief effort.

Many thanks,

Walking with Maasai team

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