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Floods In Kano Plain

Support a homeless household displaced by heavy flooding with food,clothing and mosquito nets. Save a household save life!! God bless you as you give

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Following the heavy flooding in Kano plain in Orongo Village cause by lake Victoria overflowing and rendering more than 100 households homeless and their properties swept with water.They are now helpless with nothing to eat or no where sleep even as we fight this deadly Covid-19.

Our prayer and request for all well wishers to support these vulnerable families with foods as they still continue to live in schools and churches to help them feed their families.  People are dying. Houses, cattle, crops and other property have been swept down the stream. Malaria is killing. Cholera is knocking with pit latrines submerged. All the roads are destroyed. People are hungry. They are drinking unsafe flood water. Any donation will support a desperate  and hopeless household. 

Thank you in advance and may God bless your generous donations to support a life.



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