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Join us in raising funds to help clear Richy's hospital bill and also for his final send off. May God bless you in this endeavour

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Dear Friends and Family,

We did what we were able to do and wished for the best as humans and loved ones but all we can say is that God's will has been done and IT IS WELL.

All of you came through for us both financially and spiritully during Richy's illness, we thank each and everyone of you and are forever indebted. We dont take every prayer, well wishes and every shilling for granted. 

On 13/4/2020 on request, the hospital issued an invoice indicating the bill as 2,852,586.35/= and today after transfering the body of Richy to the morgue the hospital issued a final bill of *4,231,552.31/=* ?... When inquiries were made they said they had not included everything in the bill issued on 13/4/2020. There stand is that they cant release Richy to us until the bill of *4,231,552.31* is cleared which makes it hard for the family to start making any burial arrangements. 

Dear friends and family, this is a very trying time for the family putting in mind what everyone is going through with the COVID-19 situation. But we come back to you with tears in our hearts to plead with you to kindly stand with us during this difficult moment because we dont know where to start to clear the hospital bill noting that the mortuary bill is also running with each passing day...

Kindly send whatever you have to enable us take Richy to his final resting place.

God Bless you All.

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