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Thank you so much for your interest in supporting Charity Connect.

By way of introduction, Charity Connect is a community of genuine, vetted charitable initiatives and
founders, who are carrying out incredible grassroots efforts to alleviate hunger and hardship within
disadvantaged communities in Nairobi, Kenya.

Charity Connect aims to identify and support initiatives that truly give back to the most vulnerable
beneficiaries. We believe trust is the key to making true impact, and we only support those who we
know are making a real difference, and who have been through our vetting process.

the current world health situation, we have been focussing our efforts on three programs:
1. Supplying dry food items to vulnerable families in slum areas through our vetted founders and
our network of known beneficiaries
2. Daily feeding of refugees and homeless families we have been personally supporting for the
past year, as well as distributing to street children in the CBD  - this is pre-packaged long life
items they can keep with them and don’t require cooking or warming
3. Fresh Sukuma and spinach distribution in slum areas through vetted founders in partnership
with Mlango farm

For programs 1 and 3, the beneficiaries of each effort are known family homes in slum areas which
are the homes of those who were previously being supporting by our network of initiatives and have
had to be in quarantine at home due to lockdown. In addition we have added to the beneficiary list
known elderly families, families with disabilities and single mothers.
All families are known to each vetted initiative and have been beneficiaries of their efforts for many
years. In particular, we have chosen families where there isn’t access to work or financial support,
especially now. Food packages are dropped directly to their doorsteps and we aim to provide them
with a week’s worth of dry food items every week. There are 676 families within the network that we
are supporting at the moment.

The initiatives within our network for programs 1 and 3 are:
1. Clifford Olouch of Homeless of Nairobi (street children rehabilitation home in Gachie and
supporting slum families in Deep Sea Slums)
2. Pauline Juma of Rebirth of a Queen (Kibera - supporting families who have been victims of
gender based violence)
3. Marta Beata of From Kibera With Love (supporting vulnerable families in Kibera)
4. Fredrick Mwaura of Joy Divine (supporting the elderly, disabled and single mothers in
Kariobangi and around Outer Ring Road)
5. Peter Nduati of I Afrika (supporting rehabilitated street children and reuniting them with their
6. Reagan Waithaka of Lea Learning Centre (Mathare, supporting the families of the children
who come to his charitable school and now are at home)
7. Suzy Njeri of CEPAS (supporting families in Dandora with children and adults with Cerebral

For program 2: the homeless and refugees feeding, we feed 220 known beneficiaries every day.
Around 120 of these are the homeless families and refugees Charity Connect has been feeding for
the past year. They all sleep on the roadside outside the UNHCR on Waiyaki Way. The balance of
around 100 are a group of street children in CBD who have been supported by our vetted founder
Linstone Sonny for the past 6 years. We supply him with items to feed them with daily and he
distributes. He was formerly a street boy himself who was adopted, and he devotes his life to
supporting this group.

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