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Mama Kwa Mama

We are working to assist the most vulnerable from Nairobi's informal settlements by mobilizing targeted resources to help them cope through the COVID-19 crisis.

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Mama Kwa Mama Fund 

The Problem:

The COVID 19 pandemic has presented an unprecedented challenge to humanity catching many countries unprepared as cases spread from shore to shore. Kenya has not been spared by this scourge with its first case identified on March 13th 2020. As of March 29th, the enormity of the negative impacts that COVID 19 is likely to pose if not contained rapidly are clear to all.

The principle approaches for reducing COVID-19 transmission are the same in any context; i.e. reducing physical contact and improved hygiene. For the last few weeks, the government has therefore encouraged Kenyans to stay and work from home as a means of controlling the spread of the virus through social distancing. These tactics are however less effective in informal settlements where acute challenges around space, water, and sanitation abound.


·       Nairobi’s Informal settlements are densely populated with up to 180 households occupying one acre of land. On average families of up to three people occupy one poorly ventilated 10x10ft room. The requirement for self-quarantine of suspected cases is problematic as there are normally no spare rooms in households.

·       Limited toilets, with poor human waste disposal are common challenges in almost all informal settlements in the city. Toilets are usually shared and situated outside people’s homes which poses additional risks. Access to water is also often inadequate and the use of shared water points poses risks for spatial distancing (e.g., when queuing and collecting).

·       In most informal settlements people live hand-to-mouth with very limited savings or capacity to save. The disruption of livelihoods will inevitably render many people destitute and in desperate need of support. Serious thought should be given to how to avoid curtailing people’s livelihoods, or compensating the most vulnerable. In addition, crucial infrastructure and medical services need to be provided.


The Fund:

It is therefore imperative that action is taken now, before widespread transmission takes hold. In response to this, women drawn from various professions and economic sectors (private sector, civil society, built environment, law) have joined hands to create a fund called the Mama Kwa Mama Fund (Swahili for woman to woman or mother to mother) This fund speaks to the innate sense of compassion and care for family, community and country that are the hallmark of true feminism. The fund calls on all Kenyan women to be modern day Esthers’, to work with courage and faith for the benefit of their nation during this time of need. The Mama Kwa Mama Fund is working to assist the most vulnerable people in the city’s informal settlements through mobilizing targeted resources including; cash support, foodstuff, handwash soap, sanitizers, gloves and masks.


How you can Help!

Individuals or groups seeking to support can either donate cash to the MPESA Paybill Number provided or request to support beneficiaries directly.

Paybill No.: 891300

Account Number: 39782

To support Beneficiaries Directly: Please contact the Mama Kwa Mama fund representative below to request information on beneficiaries. Once your group is approved, verified beneficiary names and contact information will be shared with the request that you share back confirmation or evidence of transfer/ support.


Mama Kwa Mama fund representative:

Tabitha Wakesho

+254 720 460 585


Together, we can make a difference in the lives of communities most affected by this crisis!




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Paybill: 891300

Account: 39782


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Paybill: 891300

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