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A plate of food is never just a meal. It is a plate of hope: a message from the community that someone, somewhere cares.10000 plates a day for the next 120 days

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The coronavirus pandemic is creating both a public health and economic catastrophe. But we cannot afford to ignore the humanitarian crisis that is unfolding out of sight. We have an opportunity to come together to support our people in this time of critical need. Now more than ever – for our front-line heroes, our most vulnerable neighbors, and our out-of- work hospitality workers – #MAMATOTHERESCUE is prepared to make sure that food is part of the solution.

As the crisis worsens, we need to maintain the capacity to support our medical heroes, first responders and the homeless, with safe havens of food preparation and distribution. Hospital kitchens will lose staff to sickness. An army marches on its stomach: Our police can no longer rely on their favourite neighbourhood kibanda. Now is the time to look after them — to meet the food needs of this public health catastrophe.

Restaurants were shut down by our government and they will be revived by our government through their endorsement and support of the #MAMATOTHERESCUE Programme to serve the people in their hour of greatest need. This challenge can be seen overwhelming, but we believe the most effective solutions are often right in front of us.

We find that under this hardship times a plate of food is never just a meal on a dish. It is a plate of hope: a message from the community that someone, somewhere cares. Now is the time for us and you to show that we really care. Be safe and thank you in anticipation for your support.

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