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Felix Nyaoso - Brain Operation

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Hi guys. My name is Felix Rilley Nyaoso. I suffer from a rare condition known as Arteriovenous Valve Malformation, also known as A. V. M, which is basically a growth caused by malformed veins, that can occur anywhere in the body. Mine occurred on my scalp. It manifests itself in the form of a swollen wound which doesn't heal. The trauma often causes unbearable headaches, sleepless nights and hemorrhages. It's been an agonizing and challenging journey trying to secure funds for my treatment. I pray for nothing more, but a chance to be able to live a normal life, which I can do so if I get life-saving surgery at Kenyatta Hospital. I humbly appeal to fellow well-wishers out there, to hear my plea and make a contribution towards my cost of treatments. Any amount will be highly appreciated. Pray for us in this difficult time. Be blessed.

Thank you so much for your support contributions. The love and support we've received is overwhelming.

We are currently admitted at Jocham Mombasa Hospital. Felix had an active bleeding incident last night. He was taken to the ER and Theatre to stop the bleeding. We are currently making arrangements to transport him to Kenyatta to book his operation soonest. 

So far, M-changa has paid ksh 143,000 to Jocham Hospital and another ksh 183,000 to Kenyatta National Hospital. The balance will be paid to Felix's caregiver at the moment, who will assist with facilitating further treatment and aftercare

Keep us in your prayers, we love you all. 

God Bless. 



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