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Donate To Feed Families In Mathare

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The Light and Hope initiative is a Non-Profit, Community Organization based in the slums of Mathare Valley - Kenya. This Initiative was birthed from the reality that most children in the Mathare Slums are unable to reach their full potential due to the cost and inability to pay public school fees. According to the 2019 Census Study, the Mathare Valley Slums are home to over 700,000 people - while the area is only 2 miles long and 1 mile wide. A closer look of the slums reveals a depressing way of life. Due to the congestion, survival is a daily battle for the people living here as most homes consist of 6 x 8’ makeshift structures. 
Our Key pillar is Education, as we believe it’s the most reliable way of dealing with the cruel poverty our children are born and raised into. Most of the families in the Mathare Slums survive on less than a single dollar per day, which is considered to be the average income per family. Therefore, it is an ongoing and daily challenge for these families to meet their basic needs such as; food, clothing, shelter, and education. Even more tragic, public schooling in Kenya is not free and without an education the poverty pattern continues.
The Light and Hope Initiative focuses on offering children in our network opportunities to access quality education to improve their life trajectory. We do this by identifying the most vulnerable children (orphans, child-headed families, and single mother headed families) in the community and supporting their education through offering school fees, providing school uniforms, as well as ensuring they are fed two meals each school day. By supporting this Initiative, you are giving Hope and Light to future generations that otherwise would likely live and die in poverty without your help. 
As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic our organization has deviated it's focus on relief specifically on food donations to the neediest families in Mathare slums. And therefore we call upon anyone who wish to support and be part of this food donation program in the community. May God bless you even as you purpose to donate.
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