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Mathare Food Drive

This food drive aims at supporting in total 100-1000 most affected families in Mathare, that might otherwise lack food due to COVID-19 related issues.

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The Corona virus (Covid-19) pandemic is currently ravaging many places in the world, and Kenya is no exception. We have therefore encouraged both our volunteers and community members to observe the following guidelines: 

• Limited movement 

• Night time curfew observation

• Regular thorough hand-washing

• Self-Isolation if sick

• Self-Quarantine measures whenever possible

• Social Distancing if in public

• Wearing of approved masks for personal and communal protection. 


While these are necessary and laudable, the socio-economic plight of the millions living in under-served areas remains largely unresolved. Covid-19 measures have affected families’ abilities to eke out a living; day to day economic activities are now limited or non-existent, with movements are highly discouraged. 


All these ramifications have increased the financial burden of economically challenged families, who are wondering how to access regular nutritious meals that give them a fighting chance against this pandemic. 



The afore-mentioned organizations have thus teamed up to run a weekly food drive, to support in total 100 – 1, 000 most affected families in the greater Mathare region. Food distribution shall be conducted weekly. The food drive campaign will be run through individual networks and social media, to raise awareness, funds and in kind support to ensure that these families do not starve during this pandemic.  


Nutritional advice will be offered by ICRISAT, to ensure that our campaign complies with SDG 3 guidelines (Good Health & Well-being).


We have taken a number of measures to ensure safety for everyone. These are:

• A coordinating caucus with representatives from each of the organizations

• A well-coordinated team of 10 community health volunteers who reside in Mathare

• A weekly needs assessment and mapping exercise to identify the neediest cases

• Masks for all volunteers, and sanitizers to be used during each distribution

• Masks for the people we give food within budgetary bounds

• A redeemable voucher system, where identified families use to receive food purchased from the area kiosks to support local economies

• An M-changa crowd-funding campaign to ensure maximum integrity

• A reporting mechanism to track each weekly distribution, so that at the end of the exercise we shall a report to everyone who supported the campaign. 

• Community sensitization during distribution on government endorsed safety measures to combat the spread of the covid-19 virus. 


Each week, the organizations involved shall aim to raise money, to purchase beans, cooking oil and flour which will help to tide over the families as we await government interventions in the greater Mathare region to finally kick in. Food shall be stored and distributed by Billian Foundation & Footprints for Change who are both located in Mathare, and have already conducted a needs assessment to determine the families we shall be supporting. 



• August 7th Memorial Park

• Billian Music Foundation

• Crime Si Poa 

• Footprints for Change

• Kenya Unites 

ICRISAT to provide nutrition guidance throughout the campaign. 


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