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Health is wealth as we consider food shelter and clothing as basic During COVID-19 crisis pandemic lackof access to and utilization of health services isworse

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Kenya Sex Workers Alliance (KESWA) is a national not-for-profit, NGO network of sex workers led organizations in Kenya established in 2010. KESWA was established to facilitate the improvement of the human rights status of all sex workers in the country, which was identified by individual network members as an issue that required attention because of the challenges, sex workers faced in the country.


The Kenyan Constitution does not openly prescribe the protection of Kenyans because of their sexual orientation or gender identity. The discrimination of persons on grounds such as “sex, marital status, health status, social origin, culture, and dressing” is prohibited. However, homosexual and sex work practices remain illegal as per Kenya’s Criminal and Penal Codes.  This further promotes the harsh social stigma and discrimination of homosexuals and sex workers who experience violence and other forms of human rights violations. These members of the key population are constantly having challenges accessing social justice for human rights violations linked to sexual and gender-based violence, illegal arrests and detention, extortion, and ejection by landlords. While the challenges faced by the Kenyan sex worker community as a result of unsupportive environment persist, sex worker-led organizations remain crucial to addressing some of those challenges. Sex worker's community faces challenges such as violation of health and human rights, lack of access to health services and violence meted out against them by their clients, public, and law enforcement personnel.


The key populations at risk such as sex workers during pandemics such as COVID 19 include those who depend heavily on the informal economy are in areas prone to shocks have inadequate access to social services or political influence limited capacities and opportunities to cope and adapt and little or no access to technologies. Layering gender on to these vulnerabilities brings into sharp focus how women’s triple roles related to reproductive, productive and community managing tasks places them at considerably higher risk of infection during pandemics such as COVID-19, a pattern that has been common during other pandemics. In the same regards sex workers under care suffers double stigma in times that leads to psychosocial effects, poor adherence to comprehensive treatment and prevention care ART/PrEP exposing majority to reinfection and infections that largely contribute to the country's HIV prevalence. Kenya sex workers alliance (KESWA) since its formation have made a tremendous achievement that contributes to movement building, organizational strengthening and advocacy through awareness-raising of sex workers rights violations and the plight both at the county and national spaces that hinder access to and utilization of and access to legal and health services.Our experience in the industry has taught us that one of the best ways to ensure that sex workers are able to work in ways that preserve their safety and well being is access to social services and financial resources during difficult times that hugely impact sex workers livelihoods.


Kenya government restrictive measures to fight and combat the spread of COVID-19 in the country has economically affected sex workers as majority relied on daily wages and with the CURFEW hours of 7 pm-5 am imposed most clients shy to walk into brothels and hotspots for fear of being seen during the day. The transport industry has hiked fares to an amount the is very high given that sex worker-friendly clinics and other general health facilities are far that the sex workers require transport to and from the health facilities leading to defaults in adherence, risking being thrown out to streets and going hungry for days.





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