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Educate A Jobless Single Queer Mom

During this worldwide pandemic, help keep this queer mother and her infant fed, housed and schooled till we get out on the other side of this crisis. Bless you

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Hello to you good people of the world and Kenya my wondrous beloved motherland.

My name is Nyambura (first name Joyce), a 28yo queer single mother of a beautiful 8month old girl asking for your kindness in these trying Covid19 times.

I have recently come upon hard times where the sponsor to my studies and living (who happens to be my father) and I recently had a falling out such that I was rendered homeless and without much means. This came about due to the fact that I have suffered all my life with mental illness that arose from years of ongoing verbal and physical from him and other parties, that he refuses to accept and help me remedy, further exacerbating these problems. 

As a result I developed a drug and alcohol dependency problem that resulted me dropping out of previous tertiary schools, a souring of most of my relationships, getting fired from jobs but also -blessedly- in my daughter's conception (a complicated case of corrective rape where the sperm donor took advantage of my drunken state) 


She is the light of my life this girl of mine and I want to be better for her. I want to be a shining example of the drastic turn your life can take once you make the right decisions and receive the support you need. Since then I have done my best to address this illness but I need further help which is where a therapist definitely needs to be involved.


Things are looking up however since I'm currently enrolled at the Institute of Meteorological Training Research studying Meteorology. I believe this opportunity was literally written in the stars by the Gods for me considering my love for Math, Physics and the environment and my ultimate fulfillment would be to complete it and attain my dream which is to be the first influential woman in government helping change minds about the environment and difference in general.


Your generous contributions here would enable me finish my 24month course which guarantees a job placement within the same department (Kenya Meteorological Department), help me retain a therapist's help and be able to sustain me and my 8month old girl as well.

This fundraiser will help me cover fees,rent,therapy and all other necessities for upkeep and would be sufficient to attain all these goals within the set time frame of 24months by letting me focus 100% on my studies. I can't also forget to mention how far your help during this worldwide pandemic will bless me and my small family. It means instead of going out to hunt for menial jobs with my child and god-forbid infect us, I can stay in and get even more familiar with my calculus derivatives and METAR codes.


PS: Those that are having trouble making donations from their debit/credit cards find me on WhatsApp +254718844844

Thank you to everybody that has contributed so far. I'm nearing this month's rent target and have a little stockpile of food just in case so keep donating.

In light with the current ongoing crisis that has no visibly near end, I am going to be using the funds donated here to help other queer have food for them and their children BEFORE school resumes so please please donate and share widely. Help me afford some dignity for those with none at this crucial historic moment in time. TIA

Be sure I will attain a distinction to make you all -my daughter all the more- so very proud.


Blessings to you all regardless, and may you have plenty to your fill. Namaste

UPDATE 16/10/2020

I have since been banned from stepping foot in the family home. I do not feel bad because my truth remains. Please help me stay in school as resumption slowly approaches. I have lost my nanny as well and need some monetary help in securing another so I can resume working and continue with school when it resumes. Let's get to 30% can't we? 

Freedom and blessings to you and yours.

UPDATE 29/5/2021

Hello good people. So since I was banned from the family home, a lot has happened and I honestly am happy for it all despite all the ways this keeps tipping. 

So remember the business that was destroyed right before the pandemic from having a boss that refused to pay me? Well, it was began with help in funding by KYEOP, a government initiative to help young people start business or acquire training through apprenticeship without having degrees. Alongside this program, there was a competition called #MbelenaBiz which was to award much larger grants of up to 3.6mil to boost or help start businesses by and for the youth. 

I applied and I remember finishing the process of application on Sept 2, 2019, barely 2wks after giving birth via CS. This year I got the good news that I was an awardee, the list is here https://mbelenabiz.go.ke/news.php where I'm #539 on it. 

However as we well know, our government and paying up is a huge problem so here I am still with no business,no income and school that is asking for me to clear my arrears of 300,000/- before I can sit the main exams come June which is in a few days. So please,if you can send anything to help me attain this goal please do. I also sell menstrual cups at 1500/- a piece so if this makes more sense for you kindly feel free to reach out on my contact to discuss. 

Till then, may you all stay blessed and know I am eternally in your debt for restoring my faith in humanity, all 120+ of you

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