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Responding To Covid-19 In Kenya

Covid-19 has hit Kenya, and we believe cases could grow rapidly if we don't act swiftly. Penda Health is coordinating a huge response, but we need your help!

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Covid-19 has hit Kenya, and we need help fighting it. 


We believe cases could grow rapidly if we don’t act swiftly. As Penda Health, our medical centers are located in the highly populated, low-income areas that will be hardest hit by this disease and least able to implement protective measures. As a highly trusted provider in our communities, we can slow the spread and save lives. 


Below are the actions we are already taking. And we are constantly updating this document with what we know and how we are responding. 


We need financial support and speed is of the essence. Your support will be critical in saving lives.


We also have great news! We have received a generous contribution of KES 22,000,000, from our institutional donors which is being used to match ALL donations made to this fundraiser! The total displayed on this page reflects both your generous donations and matched funds.


Please share with all your friends and family!


Immediate actions Penda is already taking

Purchasing Covid-specific personal protective equipment (PPE) – face masks, eye protection, gowns 

>100,000 USD for 6 weeks (but could run out far more quickly depending on consumption)

Increasing stock of essential medications, such as fever reducers like paracetamol, and antibiotics which are life-saving for our general primary care patients

>20,000 USD depending on consumption

Training staff on triage, case identification, and reporting, which would cause temporary disruptions to their current work

5,000 USD 

Hiring two medical centers full of necessary staff for response and as buffer in case other Penda providers become sick

20,000 USD/month

Setting up a full call center housed at Penda to track/forward calls to providers to give advice, enter patient data within the EMR, and conduct ongoing follow-ups

15,000 USD + 500 USD per day for patients to call toll free

Launching a full mass education campaign about Covid-19 that resonates with the general public, especially in low-income areas that will be hardest hit

>3,000 USD

Printing educational materials for patients, which could also be distributed within our communities

2,000 USD

Paying for ambulance transfers for patients with presumptive Covid-19 (in partnership with Flare)

8,000 USD (~100 transfers)


Deploying a SMS- or WhatsApp-based outreach program to educate patients or anyone who enrolls to receive these messages

>10,000 USD

Organizing triage tents for all medical centers and hiring extra staff to help with increased demand

20,000 USD + additional 20,000 USD per month for operating costs

Creating self-quarantine kits for patients, including basic medication and food/household supplies (if needed)

10,000 USD (~1000 kits)

Equipment, reagents, and kits to be able to conduct testing ourselves

>100,000 USD






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