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Vyom Vijay Rabadiya

Please support three and half years old vyom Vijay Rabadiya who is addmited at mp shah hospital since 23rd of February 2020 and family to pay his bill

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UPDATE ON  BABY VYOM as at 10 March 2020: Baby Vyom has been admitted at the hospital since the 23rd of February. Due to the unique nature of his illness we are yet to determine when he may be able to make a full recovery from his condition. He is still in the PICU under the watchful eyes of capable doctors .As his stay in the PICU has exceeded our initial expectation, we are hoping to raise funds to assist to cover the costs.  


On February 23rd 2020 , Baby Vyom a 3 and a half year old baby boy experienced  a seizure that lasted an hour . He was immediately rushed to the childrens medical centre  casualty. 

The doctors tried to control the seizure and successfully managed to control it within the hour as he was kept for monitoring and recovery in PICU. Everything was normal before several continous seizures were experienced again. Ever since,he has been experiencing seizures that are being controlled by medications. 

The doctors are yet to determine the cause for the seizures and we do not yet have a conclusive diagnosis. However they have been managing the seizures very well to avoid any major organ damages or damages to the brain . Baby vyom as at 09 March 2020 is no longer on a ventilator and is able to show signs of recovery. He has not had any major seizures for the past 48 hours. 


We are grateful to know that he is no longer experiencing any major seizures however there is a long road ahead for his full recovery. 


Please help raise funds to support Baby Vyom. This is going to be a really tough time for the whole family. It will be much appreciated for any support you can give to make this road to recovery a little less stressful for us all.

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