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"Ekero ensinyo egokuura, mbamura etabwati"

This is a Kisii saying loosely translated to mean, 'when you hear screamings from a given corner, then know that that corner has no men'.

Men, in the Kisii culture, were seen as defenders of the community. In our context today, the word men stands for men and women of means and with connections.

For a village/zone/Ward to be 'secure', it should have successful sons and daughters in various strategic places: police, universities, business circles, hospitals, etc. To achieve this, among other measures, there's need to lay strong education standards in the Ward/zone.

Nyatieko zone/ward is characterized by so many socio-economic problems: poor roads, poor housing, etc. Most of these social and economic problems can be solved if education standards in the region were raised. If we had enough educated people from Nyatieko, it could be easy to do so much. 

As Nelson Mandela once said, education is the only equalizer.

It's at the local public primary schools that most sons and daughters of Nyatieko school at.

The current situation of the public primary schools, in terms of performance, is deplorable. As much as most of the problems are macro, requiring the interventions of the government and other established organizations, as common people, we can do our part to change the story.

We derive motivation from the story of the hummingbird and the burning forest.

Our intervention is to motivate the teachers and the pupils to excel despite the tough conditions.


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