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Asha Handulle Medical Fund

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Asha Handulle  was born on February 17th, 1957. She is a mother of 11 children, 4 of which passed away in their childhood. Several years ago. Her husband was diagnosed with mental illness and she has been the sole caregiver for him. Due to his violent nature, he has been confined under a she, tied up with chains. In 2019.her husband escaped and in the process broke his hip one. Due to lack of funds, he is currently confined to a chair. Asha developed a toothache several years ago which she has been treating at the local hospitals. The tooth became infected and she sought further medical advise. Last year she was told that she had cancer of the gums and needed medical treatment urgently. Relatives quickly fundraiser money to send her to a specialized hospital in Malaysia. She has undergone extensive surgery and is currently undergoing radiation. Her total bill is 6.5M and as a family we are humbly requesting your donations so that we may pay the medical bills and the remaining treatment. 

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