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Stanley Wambugu Medical Fund

We need 2M KES to cater for medical expenses for Mr. Stanley Wambugu who was involved in a road accident on 29th Nov 2019.

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Mr. Stanley Wambugu Gathenya (62yrs) was involved in a road accident on 29th Nov 2019. He sustained injuries to his back where a couple of vertebrae were fractured. He has gone through orthopedic surgery to stabilize his back. He has been to various hospitals here in Kenya for a little over 2 months: St Joseph Memorial Hospital, Nairobi Womens Hospital and finally Kenyatta National Hospital. He has recently been discharged to home-based care.

We need 2M KES to help cover the associated medical costs for his recovery to full mobility.

Mr. Wambugu is a husband to Agnes Wambugu, a father to 4 children and a grandfather to 3. He is a retired civil servant and committed christian who fellowships & serves at P.C.E.A Tumaini church. We will have a fundraiser on 1st March 2020 at P.C.E.A Tumaini to raise funds towards this. We sincerely appreciate your financial support towards helping Mr. Wambugu's recovery.

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