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Contributing to this cause will contribute towards reversing climate change and protecting our environment.

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Climate change is a global concern now. With its effects on livelihoods being the greatest fear, climate change could ultimately turn the world upside down. Imagine the melting of the polar glaciers, rising of sea levels, unbearable temperatures, extreme weather conditions, who is going to make it out alive? NOBODY! We are at the verge of EXTINCTION!! Therefore, we need to take part in the mitigation, awareness creation and adaptation measures however little we can to save ourselves from the wrath of climate change. 

This project is on plastic pollution. Plastics are the major contributant to green house gasses in the atmosphere which are responsible for the changes in climate. We are aiming to "End plastic pollution in Eastleigh" which is like the wolf street of Nairobi. From awareness creation, availing waste bins, transporting plastics to recyclers,cleaning campaigns, and unclogging of drainage systems, SASAL will strive to END PLASTIC POLLUTION IN EASTLEIGH. 

Help us realise this by contributing whatever amount that will be put to cleaning, transportation of plastic waste and purchase of litter bins. 



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