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Daraja Academy is a secondary boarding that provides free quality secondary education to girls who would have otherwise not made it beyond primary school.

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Daraja means “bridge” in Swahili. Daraja Academy is a bridge from who the girls are now to who they have the potential to become. Founded in 2009 and located just outside of Nanyuki, Daraja Academy is a boarding school that provides an exemplary secondary education to girls who have no other means by which to continue their schooling. We choose girls who, despite their circumstances, excel academically and possess leadership potential. We choose these girls because they have the right to learn. We choose these girls because the best disruptors of poverty are those who were born into it.

The student body consists of girls from multiple religious backgrounds, as well as 37 ethnic backgrounds. Daraja Academy places a particular emphasis on supporting vulnerable girls: a number of our students are orphans, many have gone through domestic issues, and some have even overcome trials to be married. To date, 192 girls have gone through our program, and the school currently has a population of 119 girls.


Each year, we select around 32 girls and provide them with full academic and personal supplies such as pads, tissue, Colgate, slippers, etc to help them achieve their potential. But this is only possible when we have adequate funds from our well-wishers. That is why we need your love and support this Valentine's. Donate a small amount, make a huge impact; put a smile on their faces.

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