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Rebirth Of A Queen

Kindly support Rebirth of a Queen set up an Empowerment Shelter for survivors of sexual and domestic violence and vulnerable girls. It's never to little to give

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Rebirth of a Queen is an initiative aiming to rescue , shelter , mentor and empower a survivor of Gender Based Violence in Kenya. We have been supporting 200 girls monthly with sanitary towels and 30 families with food monthly. We currently run a safe house for girls and children who are victims of sexual and domestic violence and our purpose  is walking with them through their healing journey and empower them to face the world with kindness and love.

Our safe house needs your support to be sustainable , this is a plea to raise funds enough to sustain the shelter for 6 months and set up economical sustainable projects that will support the shelter run and also empower the girls.  Our safe house have 10 girls and this numbers keeps rising because of the needs of a shelter in Kenya due to high rising cases of rape , defilement and domestic violence 

This funds /resources will give us an opportunity to have a stable shelter and work on other plans to expand the shelter to be able to have a permanent school and a rescue shelter for more vulnerable girls and children. This support will enable us to raise a generation that will not have to live in pain or suffering , but each day heal and find themselves.

Kindly support with whatever little you can , it can be 5 , 10 , 15, 100 , 1000, dollars and this go a long way to support a Kenyan girl or child find a safe space for her healing journey. 

Its never too little to give. Be the Light , lets save the world.

Kindly find the breakdown of our spending 
                                  Economical sustainable Projects 
Poultry Farming - $1220
Mat Making - $165
Cake Baking - $170
        Total - $1555

                          6 Months running cost for the shelter
1. Catering cost - $1900
2.  Utility Bills -  $1500
3. Sanitation./Toiletries  - $720 
4. Medical cost - $1000
               Total -  $5120 

You can also connect us , share about us and encourage another person to support in every little way . We can do this 

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Dial: *483*57*37741#

Paybill: 891300

Account: REBIRTH


Business Name: MCHANGA

Reference: REBIRTH

Business Number: 891300

Account Number: REBIRTH

Dial: *160*2*1#

Paybill: 891300

Account: 37741

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