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Crispino's University Fees Balance

Hello friends,I appeal for your financial help toward clearing my university fee arrears in Kisii University .I missed graduation twice now.

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Im Nyang'ate Crispino Nyamongo,aged 25years.first born in family of 4 siblings.

I enrolled for a self sponsored programme in Kisii University in 2015 to persue B.ed Arts having attained a  B- mean grade in K.C.S.E .My parents are mainly peasant farmers and little is saved to sustain my/our education finance demands.I survived through the 4years levels of learning through appeals to the university assistant dean of students for me to access exams .However the appeals wouldn't bear fruit at times.As thus im to reregister for some units in 3rd year and 4th year.It is a task for me to clear the arrears that piled up and resit for the units as well.I do play piano and teach liturgical music  during free time to meet other basic needs . 

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