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Hi Well Wishers, I have been touched by stories of these kids. I thought I would share their story in a script well wishers would understand. Let's support!

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Hi Well Wishers,  I have been touched by stories of these kids as I have been walking across Ilima doing my business. I thought I would share their story in a script well wishers would understand. Together with locals we have initiated a fund drive to see these kids and others get to back to school.. we've so far taken Eunice Mbenge to Precious Blood Kilungu and paid some of the fee we had at hand.. We've started an online fundraising through M-changa  under the Paybill option given below.. If you feel touched by their stories contribute even if it's 50 Bob. I can see I have over 4000 friends here in FB,  if at all each can give these kids Only 50 Bob,  they will definitely go back to school. Thank you all!


1.Enuice Mbenge-(Precious Blood Kilungu)  


 She comes from a humble background, and scored 340 marks. She is supposed to join Precious Blood kilungu but the family cannot afford to raise any money due to status of the family as you can see their home .We are appealing to well wishes to assist the above pupil join form one. She needs 50,000 per year which is very hard to raise. 


2. Purity Mwende Mwongela - Isovya Secondary school  

She is a very Bright girl coming from a very poor family where her parents cannot raise her school fees. She has been admitted to ISOVYA mixed secondary school where she needs a fee of 45 000 per year .We appeal to well wishers to come to her rescue where she says she wants to become a medical doctor. 


3. Racheal Mumbua Kioi -  Nairobi Techical Training Insitute


Rachael Mumbua Kioi is an orphan,  lost both of her parents 4 years ago.. She has been living with her grandma in Katulye village, who is aging and cant provide for her school fees. She has been admitted at  Nairobi Technical Training Institute,  where she needs a fee of  Ksh. 100,000 per year.. We appeal to welwishers to come to her rescue. She aspires to become a chemical engineer. 


4. Tabitha Mutuku - Kyamuoso Central Secondary School 

She comes from Mikuini village. She is the second born of Rose Wanza. Coming from single parent family has posed the family into financial crisis. She needs a total of 11,000 per year.  The first born is in Kyamuoso Sec School surviving in the school through well wishers. Now Tabitha is at home and the family and neighbors could not send her to school due to poverty.  She appeal to welwishers to that she can report to Form 1 at Kyamuoso Where she has been admitted.


5. Brian Matata-Ndolo Secondary School. 


 He is a boy at Ndolo boys second year high school has been forced out of school due to lack of school fees . His parents could not afford to pay for his school fees any more at Form two . The family has nowhere to call home. They stay in a rented room 8 members.  Brian says when supported by well wishers he will go back to school and work hard below is the fee structure . He need 38,000 per year.  


6. Veronica Muendi Manthi- Kati Komu Secondary school 

She is appealing to welwishers to help her raise school fees.. She has been admitted at Katikomu but she can't join because her background is very poor.. She needs 38,000 per year..

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