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Shompole Maasai Women Beadwork

Please support Maasai women in Olodupoi Shompole to earn income through beadwork.

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Olodupoi Shompole is a registered community based organization (CBO). A group of CBO women decided to start making and selling Maasai beadwork in order to raise funds for their children's education. They place high importance on girls' education, envisioning futures for their girls that are free of FGM and early marriage. Your donation will fund the purchase of a large supply of beads, so that more women can participate (the CBO prioritizes the inclusion of women from poor families). With the cost of beads covered upfront, women can start producing with little risk and enjoy higher profits. raising money for maasai women for A Better Future and your contribution will make an impact, whether you donate $5 or $500. Every little bit helps.Your donation will assist in the continued growth of fitness programs, and maasai culture exposure.

Note: In addition to contributing, you can also order this distinctive beadwork for yourself. Options include a Maasai bracelet with your name. For more information, please contact olodupoishompole@gmail.com  and website link https://olodupoishompole.org/

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