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Kisilu Musya's Education Fund

Hi, my name is Kisilu Musya and I have started this fundraiser to support my children in getting an education.

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Thank you for continuing to support my children's education!

I am a small-scale farmer and father of nine children in Mutomo, Kenya. I loved school when I was young, but I never got to go to secondary school as my family was lacking the money. I dream and pray that things will be different for my children. I know that education is crucial for their future and for the future of my country. And as climate change is challenging our way of living as farmers through droughts and floods it is becoming increasingly important with education to find ways to adapt to climate change and also for some of my children to find other kinds of jobs. 

Eight of my children are in the age of schooling and doing very well, and I am very proud to say that two of my children are now in University. My second oldest daughter Serah was the first one in our family to go to university, and she is now in her third year studying Environmental Science and Agriculture at Egerton University. Her goal is to become a technician farmer, where she can guide other farmers on climate mitigation and adaptation techniques. My daugther Ester will start her first year in University this fall.

My six younger children are doing well in secondary and primary school. 

Unfortunately, education is extremely expensive, especially in Secondary school and University, and I am struggling to cover the fees for all of my children. Covid-19 has given us new challenges, as the schools have been closed down for a long time, and many students (including some of my children) need to start the school year all over again. This has resulted in much more expensive fees. I try to save up as much as possible to cover the schools fees, but I am still lacking some money. The school fees for all of them cost 183,000 ksh (1695$) and are due on August 1st 2021.

The amount already raised is what I have spent on school fees for the last three years. I am grateful for you generous donations! The fees for the next school year are due on August 1st 2021, and I pray that I will have enough by then. Therefore I am asking you for help as my heart as a father would hurt if I would have to turn my children down and take them out of school. 

My children, wife and I will be grateful for every contribution, big or small. Thank you!


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