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Please help me regain my health. Help me be able to educate my 2 girls so they can be better people tomorrow and not go through what I am today. God bless you.

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Hi my name is mijuma, formerly know as angeline. I became a Muslim a while back. I am 44 years of age. I have 3 children, 1 boy and 2 twin girls. I work as a house maid. Recently my health had deteriorated rapidly. I have sores in my mouth, my throat, my food pipe and my nose. I have been having extreme pain in my right shoulder, I have felt tingling in that arm and even numbness sometimes. I have extreme back pain that really affects me. 
My twin girls recently finished class eight . I do not have the money to take them to secondary school and I beg for your help. I do not want them to live the life that I am living today. 
I have been divorced since my children were young and there father plays no role in helping with any basic needs. 
My living conditions are not the best. I have not even a mattress in my home to sleep on. I sleep with a mat on the floor. 
With your help I would like to get medical help and get better so that I can return to my work and keep taking care of my children. I would also pay for my children's school fees until they finish high school. I would also buy a mattress so I can sleep well and it may help with my extreme back pains. 
Please help me regain my health and better my children's future. 
Thankyou and May God bless you with double of what you give to me. 

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