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Street Secret Santa

Street Secret Santa initiative aims to shine the light of Christmas festivities to street families in Nairobi. Lets accord them the joy of a normal Christmas.

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Recently, I was traveling to Nairobi from Kampala. Upon arriving at the Busia border at around 3.30 am, we were welcomed by some five kids surrounding the bus begging for food. To put it into perspective, I was reminded I was back home by this disturbing scene. I  honestly felt disappointed. As much as we might brag about our economic prowess  as a country and how much of an economic powerhouse we are in the region, we have definitely neglected some basics of humanity. I can also attest that we have staggering numbers of street families as compared to our neighboring countries.
Our first instinct upon an encounter with street children is rarely sympathy, empathy or to help. It is often the total opposite, we either scare them off, or are scared of them, we shove them away or cling onto our belongings more tightly. Basically, they piss us off and we seldom bother to know what their story is or even make an effort to.
Arguably, whatever we are planning might not be a sustainable solution, but it will be one among the many steps we intend to take to provide a solution.This event is intended to serve as a pilot towards understanding the street family situation in Nairobi, while gathering insights and mobilizing stakeholders who are interested in solving this problem. Every and any form of dontion counts. Be part of the solution.
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