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Appeal To Offset Medical Bills

Kindly help me offset a loan of Kshs 1.2M acquired during a life saving procedure I sought in India which I need to repay by end of December 2019.

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In March 2019, I was diagnosed with 2 cerebral aneurysms opposite each other one which was giant and they needed urgent treatment due to a high risk of rupture involved. To manage them, a craniatomy was done in April at the Nairobi Hospital Kenya. Unfortunately it was not successful and further intervention through a non invasive procedure reffered to as flow diverter was thus required but was not available in Kenya.

This necessited travelling to India urgently so as to save my life. Before travelling, my medical insurer assured me that the insurance will cater for the treatment and with this assurance, my family and friends raised just enough money to cater for my air ticket and that of my attendants, accommodation and  upkeep while in India.

However, after travelling to India and commencing treatment, the insurer declined to honour its assurance and instead committed to pay only 25% of the initial amount assured. Treatment could therefore not continue without full commitment on the estimated bill and with the hospital threatening to discontinue treatment, I was forced to request my employer to give me a loan of Ksh1.2million.

This loan was supposed to be repaid by 31/12/2019 but I was unable to raise enough funds to offset it. However, some of my loaners agreed to extend the period to April 2020. Am kindly calling on my family, friends and well wishers to please help me offset this loan acquired as I sought the life saving treatment in India.

My family and friends had organised for a fundraiser on 8th December which managed to raise around 300,000. Being December, most people were engaged with prior functions and were thus not able to attend but are still sending in their kind donations to paybill no. 239652; Account No. Esther. W. Mwai Med. which are well appreciated. 

I thus kindly plead with you my dear friends and well wishers to please support me on this course. I am also due for review in January 2020 and the burden is just too heavy on my shoulders that it's weighing me down. I therefore have to postphone the review to early April 2020 hoping that I shall have managed to raise enough funds to pay the debt and travel for review. Please feel free to use either of the accounts.

May the Lord provide and bless you as you take the step, and share your resources to redeem me.





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