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Hi there! I’m Rogan, a visual artist and budding computer programmer. I live in Nairobi, the busy capital of Kenya, a place where all walks of life meet with the tropical sun and red soil. The daily commute, using the city’s infamous public transport is a moment that can be taken to stimulate creativity. When moving across the city, your visual and audio stimulations are at a peak, from different contrasts.  I have a passion for play and solving problems. Each day, I take these curiosities to my little studio in the heart of the city, known as Kuona Trust. In this space, all sorts of ideas have come to life in the most colourful ways.

Where can I find artists and their work in such a diverse city? This has been my research, which led me to think of creating a platform to link artists and their work, to art consumers. How can I fuse art and tech? Then it happened.

I got the opportunity of a lifetime! This occurred after I was invited by the Technical University of Berlin to give an artistic contribution at their summer school workshop, in September. I, then after, got in touch with Le Wagon, a coding school, where I enrolled and got accepted to their 9-week program. This came after completing interviews and pre-studies, which secured me a position in their next training program, which will start on the 13 of January 2020. I wish to obtain these skills to create better platforms for creative minds. Help me achieve this goal of gaining these skills. You can do so by going to the platform and making your contribution. 


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