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Kibera Aeronautics & Space Academy

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KASA - Kibera Aeronautics and Space Academy - is a project that aims to train kids and youth from the slums of Kibera how to explore the universe and make it a better place. KASA is an offshoot project of Tunapanda Institute, a non-profit that runs technology, design, and business training courses in low-income environments of East Africa. We’ve chosen nine introductory courses. From rocket science, Communications & Satellites, STEM, Future of Buildings, and Energy Sources of the Future, the youths are being trained to contribute to the growing space interests of Kenya. In addition to arousing interest in science and technology, the courses are designed to introduce learners to the technologies, skills, and mindsets to tackle real-world problems - such as hunger, climate change, and depletion of energy sources.

The micro-course Energy Sources of the Future

For the first course, we’re developing the micro-course ‘Energy Sources of the Future’. So far we’ve conducted 3 introductory sessions on the micro-course of energy sources of the future. The learners get to understand the difference between the two broad categories of energy sources: renewable and non-renewable energy sources, the effects of each category, how the world can generate more renewable energy, and how energy is used in space exploration to power rockets, rovers, and satellites.


We rely on volunteers to help us develop the content on the micro-course and deliver the classes. These are driven individuals enthusiastic about space but who lack means to cover for some of their basic needs. Also, we need equipment for the activities and practicals for use by learners during sessions. 

If you’re someone, just like us, who believe that kids from Kibera should be given equal opportunities to dream and turn their dreams into reality, you can support us by donating money to this campaign or via donating space-related equipment.

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