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Livingston Sande Kidney Transplant

We're appealing for your support to help us raise 2.5Mn towards Kidney Transplant for Livingstone Sande who is currently suffering from a kidney condition.

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It all began with small ailments that we thought could go away after sometime, little did we know that it was something big. Our dad is now battling with his life in the hospital bed. He has to undergo dialysis twice a week. On bad days, he has to go through a blood transfusion. His kidneys only work at 10%, which means he can't expel fluids from his body causing build up. This affects his blood pressure and makes him pretty weak. The only way he can be saved is him having a kidney transplant. We all know how costly it is and as a small family, we are unable to raise the 2.5 Million shillings for the whole procedure in the short period of time that the operation is scheduled for. That's why we humbly request you to help us save our dad, Mr. Livingstone's health by supporting him to raise this money for his kidney transplant.

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