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School Shoes For Kibera Kids

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Kibera being the largest slum in kenya and Africa is faced with rafts of challenges ranging from economic,psycologica and social well being. most parent wants the best for their children by providing them with the basic needs, not forgetting education part.We Kiberians believes in education as the only weapon we can use to change the world. Though our believes are left in despair due to lack of a proper school attire especially the shoes. majority of students use plastic shoes which are not comfortable at all time and does not last for long time while some have a torn shoe that are embarasing to them. these lowers their self esteem and demoralises them in their studies hence poor performance.It is worst when it rains since we have improper waste disposal points and broken pipes that  make the roads inaccessible to the school children, this causes a threat to their health causing  pneumonia which adds to the leading cause of death among young people.

Together lets join hands and make kibera great by providing a school shoes to them. This will help put a smile in their faces hence assuarity of a great perfomance in their studies. 

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