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Tabitha Okelo Medical Fund

Friends & Family, Mum has experienced minor setbacks on her path to recovery. Any support through prayer and /or financially is appreciated. Be Blessed!

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Hi Family and Friends,

Over that last couple of months, mum has been making good progress with her back (Degenerative Scoliosis) and her legs(Venus Ulcers). Last week, however, she experienced a couple of setbacks.

After a fall at home, she was taken to the hospital (Aga Khan Hospital)  and the following conditions were discovered after evaluation:

1. Dislocated Shoulder

2. A torn ligament in her knee

...in addition to this, a few tests revealed

3. Ecoli infection

4. Low Blood sugar levels

5...and lastly, a couple of lumps were discovered in her breast and armpit area. Preliminary test results have confirmed a rare form of Cancer.

It has been over a week since she was hospitalized, and now her condition is stable enough to have her discharged as we continue to work with the team of doctors on the plans to continue with her rehab/treatment.

Our goal is to raise about $20,000 to help with treatment, rehab  and home care.Mum's recent hospital stay has run a bill of over $10000 (Kshs 1 Million), which is required before she can be discharged.

If you are in a position to assist us in any way be it through prayers or financially, we appreciate it.

We are extremely grateful for all the support we have already received.

Be Blessed!

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