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Teach For Kenya

TFK aims to contribute to existing efforts to build local leadership, to overcome the systemic barriers preventing children from reaching their full potential.

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On average, 6 out of 100 Kenyan children aged 6 – 16 years have never enrolled in school.


Nationally, 8 out of 100 pupils in Class 8 cannot do Class 2 work across the country. 


Teach For Kenya can contribute to existing efforts to  build local leadership, by leveraging Teach For All’s proven approach to help overcome the systemic barriers that prevent children from achieving their full potential.

The only way to address these complex and interconnected challenges is through collective leadership – building a movement of Teach For Kenya fellows and alumni working alongside local communities, who are committed to developing
local solutions to challenges. 

Teach For Kenya will recruit talented young Kenyan leaders into a two-year teaching fellowship. The fellowship aims to place these high-potential leaders in teaching positions in high-need schools across the country, providing children with high-quality education and inspirational role models.Upon completion of the fellowship, these young leaders will be supported to take up leadership roles across society that will collectively contribute to the systemic change needed across Kenya to transform our schools, schooling systems, and the broader ecosystem of social and economic opportunity.



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