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Hey guys I have started a fundraiser on m-changa to raise fund for greenplus revolution to help street children off the street

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Short Summary: Green Plus Kenya (GREEN+) is an environmental organization design to create awareness, capacity and advocacy through networking and sharing of information on current and ongoing environmental issues while providing environmental oriented services. Green plus revolution is a program under Green plus that will be helping children off the street and educate them. It will be an independent non-profit making organization that will be self suitable by making money from the dump-site in recycling and making organic fertilizer.

My campaign is to take street children to school as they have the dream and the hope. They just need someone to make it a dream come true. This is very important to me and the world in whole as millennium goal which is to eradicate poverty and have universal primary education level. The contribution will really be of great help to take that child to school and he/she will be able to make a future for himself.

The children being the future of tomorrow we need to be there for them because without them there is no future. For sure none of the children should be forced to live under such inhumane condition. Much have been said and done but still there is a big gap to be filled. Every day I ask myself what I have done to humanity. Also am giving you a challenge to ask yourself what you have done to better the situation.

What We Need & What You Get Am requesting for 50,000 usd this money will be used as follows. We will buy a land worth 10,000 usd and 20,000 usd will go to construction and the rest will go to buying school uniforms and cloths and paying school fees. For amount of 100 usd we will send you a short video of one child that will benefit from your contribution saying thank you so include your name so that he mention it. Still we have more goodies from our perks. If am unable to reach the goal of the amount requested I will use the money in buying uniforms and cloths and then try to find them temporary homes from various children homes and friends

The Impact

This project is valuable to the world in reaching millennium goal which is to eradicate poverty and also everyone to have universal primarily education. This children are in need of your help and each have a hope of going to school and they all believe education is the key to their success and the children being the future we need to be there for them or there will be no future.

Risks & Challenges

The challenge I will have mostly is from children that have gotten addiction from drugs from the street and to face this and solving this I will take those children to rehabilitation centers that will help them get out of the addiction.

Other Ways You Can Help

We need your help any help even if is sharing the camping to your friends and family and the world we will appreciate.

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