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Clean Tap Water For Mararani ECD

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Mararani ECD school is located just 7 minutes walk from the famous Shela village. The school was built by the Lamu county government with the aim of bringing education close to the people. At the beginning, the teacher was paid by the parents through the school fees collected plus 3000 KES monthly from the area MCA Hon. Azhar Ali. Later the county government employed 1 teacher who is currently serving 2 classes: P1 and P2. It is a big challenge for the teacher who is serving 2 classes but this is a problem which we are addressing using a different approach. At the moment there is no piped water at the school, parents have to bring 20 Litres in turns every school day, some make it some don't. This water is not enough for drinking and washing hands after PE. The toilet has no water and is used by multiple people especially on Sunday when people come to the church. The school today has a total of 24 kids with 4 graduating to primary school next year.

In 2017 the Mararani community begun the journey of building a Well at the school to serve both the school and the community. The 1st phase was financed by Hon. Stanley Muthama who is the area MP, while phase 2 was financed by Rasha Yousuf and her friends from the Middle East. The Well is now 47 feet deep which is difficult to harvest the water using a rope and a bucket.

The 3rd phase entails: deepening the Well for pumping machine, pipping the toilet and school office, building a high water tank stand, buying a water tank and electricity connectivity. For sustainability, the community is planning to sell some of the harvested water for domestic use at an affordable rate. The project is aiming to serve about 100 households at a fee of 300 KEs a month. Money will be used to pay monthly power bills and maintenance of the pumping machine.  The extra money will be used to pay for a second teacher so that P1 and P2 kids can have different teachers. We are reaching out to friends and well-wishers who see this as an opportunity of taking the school to the next level of maturity. 

Thank you and God bless you

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