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I applied for a scholarship to study WSET level 2 in london and i won ,however i require your support to travel to take the course and be back to educate

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Hi! My name is Eugene Nyaundi Mangerere, sometimes known as the African Rhum Bishop. For a long time I have been passionately devoted to growth and happiness in the Kenyan and African hospitality community, as a bartender, educator, chef, trainer, mentor, judge, critic, consultant, and organiser. I believe very strongly in the power of this industry to positively impact people's lives, and I do all I can to help improve professional standards and personal well-being within it.

I recently won the Hanna lefear sponsorship that would allow me to head to london to study WSET level 2 due as at 11th and 12 of November this calendar year.It is my hope that you can assist me to achieve my dream in being trained as to come back and train the community here in kenya and across africa.

I do request your support in the following stages :

Travel and visa fare : 175000 ksh return ticket and visa to london

accomdation : 50 000 kshs for each day for the 4 days .

books and equipment for training : 80,000kshs.


More about me:

I have worked in the hospitality sector for 8 years, first as a chef, then as bartender, before moving into training and mentorship. I helped form and am a founder member of the Bartenders Association of Kenya, and the African Rum Guild; and was fundamental in starting the first Nairobi Rum Competition. I was MC at the first Bartenders Live Show, and have trained at the Nairobi Bar School and the Campari Academy. I have worked with Bacardi, Appleton, Espolon, and Pernod Ricard. I promote rum and agave spirits and education around them heavily, and I have several online channels including African Gastronomy Culture... please check it out! as well as the Rhumbishop handle

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