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Dandora Hip Hop City Fundraiser

We know that they can achieve their dreams on their own. With your help, they can be faster, stronger, better AND have and have a community to cheer them on!

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Eliud Kipchoge’s limitless feat was a groundbreaking event that will be part of our history for a long time to come. We all read in detail everything it took for Eliud to achieve this goal and truly prove that no human is limited- the pacemakers, the laser guides, the shoes, the training, the private jet- many, small, simple details contributed to the now Unlimited Man.

Would he have broken those limits without the external forces? Yes, of course! He has shown over and over that he had his mind and spirit set in making it happen. The extra efforts by INEOS made it a little easier for it to happen, his ‘village’.

Dandora HipHop City (DHC) is a vibrant, creative, transformational space in the heart of Dandora where women and youth come to explore and develop their interests (ranging from art & music to entrepreneurship, sports, community organising and lots more). 

We set out to build and equip a network of holistic individuals who can take charge of their future and we have been pleasantly surprised by the quality of people to come out of this community.

5 years later, through programs and partnerships and trial and error, DHC has reached tens of thousands of women and youth living in slum areas offering hope and helping them build their dreams. We continue to provide tools, resources and an enabling environment.

Proceeds from this fundraiser will go into:

1. Rehabilitating and equipping the DHC space with better tools and better resources to serve the community even better.

2. Implementing DHC’s innovative and sustainable programs in Dandora and beyond

3. Reach more women, children and youth living in informal settlements both directly and indirectly

Ultimately, we want Dandora HipHop City to be the INEOS to young people (Eliuds-in-training) living in informal settlements. We are the racetrack in Vienna, the pacemakers, the laser guides, the Nike shoes, the private jet, all of that.

We know that they can achieve their dreams on their own. We also know that with YOUR help, they can be faster, stronger, better and have a community to cheer them on every step of the way.

We are opening our doors for you to join us in realising this big, big dream.

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Business Number: 891300

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