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Light Up Nakuru Players Theatre!

Please help Nakuru Players Theatre regain it's former grandeur by supporting us install a new lighting and sound system to replace the colonial era one. Thanks!

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The Nakuru Players Society was established in 1949, making it one of the oldest performing arts society in the country. As we celebrate 70 years of existence, we are cognizant of the fact that technology has revolutionized the world, with theatre spaces not being left behind. Our flagship performance space, one of the only two member-owned theatres in the country, Nakuru Players Theatre, needs an overhaul in the lighting and sound system, which are in poor shape, despite constant upgrades over the years.

We believe the overhaul will improve audience experience in the theatre while motivating artistes to create more high quality uninhibited art that will keep the arts thriving in Nakuru County, thereby making the facility attract high quality performances from Kenya and beyond, which will help the theatre sustain it's activities. In the near future, we hope to create a resource centre that will enable youths access to information and resources that will spur their creative talents to greater heights and create employment for themselves.

Please support us in realizing this dream. Light Up Nakuru Players Theatre! 

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