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Raise Form 4 School Fees For Jacob

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It's rare that your heart is unsettled after passing someone that looks banged up while driving home. I mean, in Kenya, for all we know, that is a culmination of circumstances that led them to a long period of substance abuse. Something was different this this guy. He had school uniform on. "That's a school kid!". It's 8p.m, the streets are dark and this child is walking in a frail manner dangerously close to the road. He seems to be in pain. 

I had already passed him. Traffic builds up and I decide to make a u-turn along Riara Rd; the stretch between Junction Mall and Naivasha Rd. At this point I'm thinking, this kid could pass out and it's another sad story in the news the next day. I drive slowly and find that his pace hadn't gotten him much further than where I initially spotted him.

His name is Jacob Otieno. A form 3 student at Riruta Central High School. The reason for his pace was that he was feeling dizzy and had been for 2 weeks. Why the late walk? He told me he had come from night preps. Which I later came to find out may have been a cover up for the fact that this child is a day scholar but waits for boarding school student's supper before he heads home all the way to Kibera. Look, I don't blame him; I stopped him at night. He had no reason to trust me. I got an uber for him to get home safe and I was on my way home too. This was on Thursday, 3rd Oct.

Come Saturday, I visit the school and talk to the principal about the events of that night. Jacob is a dedicated young man. As much as he walks home at odd hours, he rarely misses school. His dizziness is a result of the polio he suffered as a kid. I have not seen him smile since we met but I did today (8th Oct 2019) when we broke the news that we'll help him join his school's boarding program as of next year where he will sit for his KCSE. That's what the fund is for. 

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We'll help him get set up for boarding, buy the usual stuff like bedding, toiletries and uniform to push him through the year. A ball park figure for that would be 40k. Then we'll pay for his entire form 4 fees at Riruta Central High School which is 81k (27k per month). This is not only a fund to get him through highschool. It's an investment into this young man's future. Througout the process of meetings and talks with his teachers and guardian, we insited that we are providing Jacob with a platform to solve the challenges he knows best through his life experience. We'll walk with him emotionally too and make sure he is the agent for change in his family and a valuable member of society.

Your contributions & support are highly appreciated.


Eugene Wang'ombe. (tweetat_g)


Only few hours have passed and we have gotten the whole school fees amount paid! Initial amount we intended to raise is 130k. We have decided to reduce it to 50k for accountability purposes. This. Is. Amazing. 

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