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Divinah Hip Replacements Surgery

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I am Divinah, age 23.

I suffer from multi handicap.

I am an orphan and thus do not have the support of a family or relatives.

I was born with a double-sided congenital hip dislocation (CHD), also known as infantile hip dislocation which is characterized by an abnormal formation of the hip joint in which the ball at the top of the thighbone is not stable within the socket (acetabulum).

This condition should normally be treated as soon as possible after birth.

In my case it has never been treated which led to, that my hip joints are totally worn now.

Apart from that my feet are deformed, and my knees are not fully flexible.

The diagnosis of my ailment was recently made by Dr. N.P. Vakil, orthopedic surgeon at MP. SHAH hospital in Nairobi/ Kenya (see enclosed documents and x-ray). The examination was kindly paid for by a Danish family.

According to Dr. Vakil, neither the expertise to conduct such surgery nor the necessary implants are available in Kenya.

However, the prerequisites for that are met in Denmark, for example at the orthopedic surgery department of Aarhus University Hospital.

My condition, when not treated will lead to an ever-increasing restriction of my mobility.

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