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University Completion Fees For Ali

I would like to thank everyone who contributed to my studies. I am grateful and I will continue working hard to ensure value for your Trust. THANK YOU ALL

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My name is Ali Abbas, from a family of 7. My father owns a shop where he manages to take care of the family on all the basic needs. Upon completing high school,my father went door to door of different sponsors and loan givers so he can manage to offer me an education he never got.

My other siblings are studying as well while one is six years old and his education journey has just began. I understand my family's financial position hence I put extra pressure to myself to perform well in school. I have been able to complete 5 semesters with three remaining before my graduation in a degree in Computer Information Systems at Near East University in Northern Cyprus.

My story is full of hurdles and obstacles ,growing up in Lamu,a small island in Kenya where we were not required to dream big. A place where majority of youth fall into drugs than education. I was diaognised with rheumatic heart disease in high school which made me miss a lot of it. All this has made me strong willed and even more determined to make it in life.

I cannot put my whole life story here but I plea with you, Please help me realise my dream of graduating so I can go on and pursue masters among exploring the world and bettering my life,my family's and my society's at large.

Thank you.

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