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Help hundreds of children in Kibera to have safe space for reading after school, and enable women and girls be able to attend vocational training.

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Amani Kibera is a non-profit organization, youth led-community organization which came into exsistance in 2007, during the tensest political campaigns in the history of Kenyan history. The foundation was founded on the principles of non-violence. This crowdfund is aimed to fund the re-building of Amani Kibera Resource Center:

- Amani Kibera Library: which is a community resource center with a sitting capacity of 40 readers at a time, serving at least 200 youth, children and teachers on a daily basis. Amani premises were demolished a year ago among many other houses in the area. After the demolition, the library was realocated and it's currently at Kibera Lindi Village in the heart of Kibera Slum. The library building is currently a makeshift structure which can't accomidate the demand and the people with disabilities, therefore, it is planned to make it accessable for them through the donations.

- Stones for Peace Campaign: After the demolition, the organization is now running its activities from a small space, where the land was donated by one of the locals. The stone for peace campaign aims at rebuilding the Amani Kibera resource center. the stones picked will be used to set up a foundation of peace and the walls will be made from recycled botteles picked from Kibera.

Your donation will help hundreds of children to have safe space for reading after school, away from the dangerous streets, and with the new building women and girls will be able to attend vocational trainings provided by the organization.

we highly appreciate your donations

"light a candle instead of cursing the darkness"

More info about the organization is available here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g14jZdfZF4o

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