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Mental Health Awareness - Kenya

I am driven by my life with Bipolar, the loss of my cousin (22) to Suicide, and his Dad (57), barely a year apart. Help me create Awareness on Mental Health.

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I am driven by the experiences I have had as someone living with Bipolar. The good, the bad and the ugly. Stigma has been real and I have decided to help in reducing this stigma within the community.

This yearning is also fueled by the loss of my cousin to Suicide at the age of 22, and his Dad at the age of 57 barely a year apart.

With your donation, I shall manage to spread the good gospel of information on Mental Health, hope and assurance to persons who have been affected by mental illnesses both directly and indirectly.

Help me change the World a Mind at a Time.

Thank you in Advance.

Ameerah Nyakiere.

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