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My name is Mark Eric Fairweather, ELP Scholar, AKAD peer mentor, and a budding innovator. I am a proud alumnus of Lenana School, where I was the Head of School in 2017. I scored an A- grade in KCSE, which allowed me to join a concentration of Kenya’s top performers called Equity Leaders Program. I am preparing to join Minerva Schools at KGI in August 2019 where I will major in Computer Science with Artificial Intelligence.


Minerva is arguably among the most stellar universities in the world, and its students typically score in the 98th and 99th percentile of the CLA+ college assessment exam. Minerva is the only school in the world which has students who consistently score that highly in the CLA+. This is testament to the quality of education that the university offers. I am among the 1.9% of applicants who were admitted to the school globally. I am particularly drawn to this university because it is among the few schools which catalyze student innovation, focus on industrial projects, and provide global immersion as part of its core curriculum. However, some outstanding and urgent expenses have proven to be a significant hindrance to my enrollment. These are:


Student health insurance


Visa (Sevis and reciprocity) fees

($160 $350, $90) respectively


approximately sh15,000

Enrollment bill

$550 (arrears)

Air ticket




Amount raised


Net TOTAL Left



I earnestly need assistance with meeting these expenses, and any help received will be much appreciated. Thank you in advance.


Yours sincerely,


Mark Eric Fairweather



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