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Empowering Widows

Royal Widows and orphans foundation is all about empowering widows who are facing alot challenges after the death of their husband

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When I became a widow, I heavily relied on the strength and wisdom of my mother, she is not a widow and didn't know what to do with me, she stuck with me through the hardest of times. All she had to do was be there for me. 


Years laterI told her I am going to help widows join hands and help each other, she knew I meant business. I am very happy to be in my home at the invitation of my mother to meet the widows of this area. Widows who struggle to feed and educate their children

All these women want is not sympathy but empowerment, and empowerment can only come if they are organised and have knowledge. It is time to educate the widow to rise up and help each other. We really need to start some small projects in every group of 20 people. And we have 300 widows.. In Royal widows and orphans foundation. 

I kindly request you to support us and donate anything. If we can empower a widow we can empower the whole world.  

Esther Kabeni 

Founder Chair Lady.

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