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Tuition For Davies

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As a social entrepreneur,  my greatest joy is when I make a difference in someone's life. It is never a hard thing to do, to put myself out there to ask for aid for any of my beneficiaries . At the end of the day, that's how I am able to make a difference with the help of my friends and my networks. Thats the value I get, it's not monetary but it's of a great value when a woman who had no voice is able to speak for herself, when a girl who was about to be married off at a young age,  is able to continue with her education, when we rescue a girl who was about to be circumcised. It is priceless but at the same time, I find that for that value to be realized, there's a price to pay. You see, my passion is my life and this I have no salary. I do have a small business but at this point it cannot manage to pay all the bills and educate my sons.

Sometimes  we do just fine but other times we struggle as a family and now we are going through such a phase. You see, I have three wonderful boys. My firstborn is training to be an architect and is in his final year at the Kenya Polytechnic. My second born Davies, completed his Secondary education last year where he scored a B and was invited to join The University of Baraton for an engineering course. 

He is required to join on 21st of August 2019 but he may not be reporting on time due to financial constraints . As a widow, taking care of their needs especially their education is a struggle. As a mother, i want to send them out to the world fully equipped to fight their battles unlike I, who was sent out with an empty gun. I would not wish them to fight an unfair battle where they are disadvantaged. 

Help me take my son to school, with a donation of any amount, you'll have helped him go one step closer to the gates of Baraton University . He is a hard-working guy with a heart of service as can be seen from his volunteering services at kerarapon primary school with PACE International. He with two other colleagues managed to raise funds and bought plates, cups and spoons for the entire school. During the holidays he sacrifices his lunch money to use as busfare to commute to the school to coach class eight students in mathematics in preparation for the upcoming KCPE Exams. 

Help me encourage him that his educational future is still possible and that no matter the difficulties, there's always light at the end of the tunnel. 

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