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Okolea Dada Wa Streets Na Pads

Street women/girls are hard hit by the Corona virus pandemic. They lack sanitary pads. Your kind donation will support them with COVID 19 sanitary safety kits.

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Each and every single day they loiter the streets in their smelly-tattered clothes. Quite often they are spotted sniffing glue that is hidden in the ill-fitting clothes. Where they sleep, what they eat and how they get medication is a mystery. They feed from the waste bins and later in the freezing cold nights they retreat to the verandahs covering themselves with cartons just to pass the night and wake up to another day of painstaking struggle. This is the sorry life of Street children and youth “Commandos”.


Beyond the rugged physical appearance, lies so many needs to make their life bearable. Key on the list is food, shelter, clothing, learning materials and medical aide. It is for this reason that a group of well-wishers under the project ‘Learn From the Streets’ have come together to restore dignity in this group of under-privileged persons. After a baseline survey conducted in February 2018 in Meru, we came to a realization that the only way to rehabilitate and re-integrate street youth and children back to their families and the society, is by first making where they are currently living a better place. “It is by giving them back their dignity that we will instill the confidence that indeed the society is a beautiful place to belong. We have done it, we are doing it and we know it is possible but it cannot be achieved by using force. It is a journey whose every step counts. Each step is critical to the success of the next step.” – LFS.


We request for your support through cash donation and items to achieve this.


Learn from the Streets (LFS) is a project that has been running for the past 2 years. Its main goal is to ensure that the street boys and girls in Meru have basic education to help them fit in the fast developing world. The project hopes to mentor and rehabilitate street youth and children to become self-reliant members of the society.


LFS strives to bring education to these children who are often treated as criminals and are wary of institutions, authority and organized activities. The project uses non-formal education as one way to address their legitimate concerns, while leaving the door open to mainstream education later on. The range of non-formal initiatives for street children is vast. Methods vary from using open learning barazas, dance, music, sports to circus and art. This is done through partnership with various stakeholders among them; County Children office, County youth and sports ministry, Kenya National Library Services, Churches, Mosques, Kenya Police, counselors, medical practitioners and other line organizations.


The project uses the ‘Feed them. Win them from the streets’ concept where the street youth and children are attracted to the meetings by providing them with meals during learning days which are carried out weekly. The reason behind this is that most of them fend for themselves by doing manual jobs which don’t allow them time to engage in other activities and in the efforts to distract them from this, the project substitutes the time spent learning with food which they badly need.


Your kind donations will go towards creating a better environment for the street children and youth as we strive to give them a better and dignified future. 

All the proceeds will be accounted for by availing M-Changa statements for public scrutiny and receipts for each item procured. 

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