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TonyWild Meets Jackson Wild

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Who is TonyWild? (www.tonywild.co.ke)


I am a staunch believer that Wildlife conservation is the base of both socioeconomic and political issues of any country. As conservationists, we understand this, but not everyone does.

Consequently, we must package this message in a friendly manner and share it with every household around the world. Every individual should understand that wildlife conservation principles safeguard our way of life and we must therefore, respect and protect wildlife.


Imagine a world where every individual is committed to wildlife and environment conservation,  as well as sustainable development principles. We would be able to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals within a very short time and have a healthy environment. It is my dream in life to  make every individual around my circles and the world to understand why and how they need to conserve the environment and make sustainable decisions while going about their daily lives.


I decided to join other environmental educators across the country in 2017. I had no idea how, but his obsession for photography and creation of content came in handy to help me pass conservation knowledge to an online audience. Knowing that 75 percent of Kenyans are able to access internet and are on social media platforms, I saw this as a great opportunity and has helped me reach out to even Kenyans who are not in the conservation field. That's how TonyWild came to be.


I am humbled to be selected as a Jackson Wild Emerging Filmmaker Scholar 2019 and therefore will attend Jackson Wild Summit next month in Jackson Hole, WY September 21-27 2019. To make this happen, I need support to raise part of the funds to attend the summit specifically, the Air Ticket. I appeal to your support through my Mchanga link  here: https://changa.page.link/UrXu


Thank you in advance

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