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Support Kawangware Slum Mothers

Please help us offer support and information to 160 pregnant and new moms in Kawangware Slum on how best to take of their mental well being. Thank you!

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Calmind Foundation is a not for profit organization that support pregnant women and new moms' and dads' mental well-being up to 1 year post child birth.

You can see more about us from:

Website: www.calmindfoundation.org

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/calmindfoundation


We kindly appeal to you to help us support pregnant moms and new moms of Kawangware and in turn reduce cases of mothers killing their own children (infanticide), abandoning their children, and committing suicide due to maternal mental conditions.


We will offer at least 160 moms support as well as information on how best to take care of their mental well being during pregnancy and after child birth.

Omeriye Foundation was kind enough to offer us a venue.

The cost of running one session will be Kshs 5,000 which is Kshs 250 per person. 

This is to meet the cost of snacks + tea, Counselor (Facilitator), Hiring chairs and Information brochures and other materials.

You can fund one mom for one session= Kshs 250.

Or one day's session=Kshs 5,000

Or entire 3 months' period for either pregnant Moms or New Moms =Kshs30,000

We will sincerely appreciate whatever amount you can give.

Some of these mothers are also in desperate need of clothes for themselves and their children as well as food and other babies' essentails. If you are able to also donate in kind, this would really help. Kindly reach us on 0707842930 for in-kind donations.


"It's not how much we give but how much Love we put into giving".


Thank you for helping a mother enjoy motherhood!

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