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Environment Conservation

Donate to conserve enviroment increase trees and fruit forest in schools, public sites and farmlands awareness.

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Mrs green is an enviromentalist who has no permanent job but hustles and later contribute a percentage of her daily toil to purchase tree seedlings which she gift to schools and other public site.Gives free tree seedlings in schools  and public sites of Nakuru county. So far she has planted 12 thousand of them in schools and as she visits the school she offers to plant as she nurtures the kids to enviroment conservation.She yargets to intergrate indigenous trees,exotic and fruit producing species which include Mangoes,paw paw,Avocadoes among other. By introduction of fruit forests in schools, we nurture our kids to sustainable environmental and food secure nation as this will be of benefit to them at school and they can replicate the same in their future lives and Will earn our country income internally and for export.We intend to establish fruit nurseries in all the sub counties of Nakuru.We get a disease free Nation in near future because of the increase in quality of the air we inhale and also fruit intake will control some of the diseases we find today. DONATE! Donate! to support this worthy cause "Together we can Green Nakuru! together we can Green Kenya!"

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