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Baby Formula Milk

We want to raise funds to buy our babies aged 1 year and below baby formula milk. Any amount will go along way to help feed a child.

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Imani Rehabilitation Agency is a nonprofit making organization. It is registered under the Ministry of labour and social services department of social protection as a charitable children institutions vide CDEN OOOO71. Our objectives are to provide care and protection, rehabilitate, educate, and provide primary health care and to reintegrate vulnerable children in the community. It began in 1992 and has grown from a home of 20 children to an institution catering for an average of 300 children who are managed in Imani 6 homes.

Imani takes care of abandoned babies, children of imprisoned parents, orphans, abused children and children whose custody has become void due to a reason or another. They are all admitted when they are below the age of 5years as per policy.

In Kenya, children are rescued on a daily basis. On the streets, dustbins and other deplorable sites, innocent souls are left on their own. In hospitals mothers abandon especially young mothers who are unable to take care of them and more so those that have been diagnosed with chronic illnesses. Police desks are equally busy with children found lost or left on their own without care and protection. Upon intake, an individual placement plan is made. This is based on the background information. With time, an alternative care is sought; this involves extensive case works, field visits, home visits, follow ups and enough areas of networking. For those children whose guardians are found and assessed the children are given back under probation care. For those abandoned at birth and no one claiming for them, are released for adoption and foster care. Currently Imani is taking care and protecting 297 children in different homes. A major challenge is that most people are not willing to adopt or foster a HIV positive or an abled differently baby. As a result, these children remain in our custody till such a time that they attain the age of 18 years or for a very long time before getting an alternative care

We take in children from a day old to around 2 years. Children below 6 months need to breastfeed exclusively for them to be protected from frequent illnesses. In our case we try to substitute with baby formula milk (cow & gate NutriStart) which is advised by the doctors. We also give the children between 6 months and 1 year with the same in addition to weaning them. Baby formula milk is quite expensive but very important for our babies. We use roughly 10-15 tins in a day and a tin costs ksh 1300.

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